Supporting high-level employees through crisis

Many people experience deep shock or grief when a relationship breaks down or ends due to divorce or bereavement. Such events can leave us reeling not just emotionally, but physically too. And when you feel tired, anxious and unable to concentrate, even just turning up at work can be tough.

For those in top-level jobs, the stakes are high. Poor wellbeing may have a major impact on your ability to handle pressure, manage staff and deal with clients – which in turn affects the business’s bottom line.

16% of employers saw workers need sick leave following the stress of a break up

15% of employers felt separation or divorce had a negative impact on productivity

How can corporate coaching help?

Dips in performance can come at a real cost to both employee and employer. 

I help senior managers and executives to transition through difficult life events and come to terms with change in a healthy supported way.

We work together through a series of discreet 1-to-1 coaching sessions, each sensitively tailored to the individual, which enables them to keep doing their job well while they recover.

The unique combination of my professional expertise and personal experience means I know exactly how to help minimise the productivity gap many workers and companies face during times of crisis.